Freedom from the state of dependence

Love, joy, happiness, peace, each of these emotions are a possibility as long as we keep in mind that they rely on one very crucial word for their existence – freedom. Which means none of these qualities are real till we learn to be totally free. Which means we need to move from a state of dependence to a state of freedom to experience these qualities.


Being dependent on words for joy is a common state of dependence. No knowledge can emancipate you. What I mean by that is words have limitations to them. They can emancipate you for a while and give you a very ecstatic feeling but can never set you free. Following the enlightened is a state of being dependent on the enlightened being. He has nothing to teach you. What I mean by this is that a human being is capable of utter independence. Any person for that matter or any thing that makes us dependent is highly contagious. It is common to see mobile phones playing this role when we travel in the metro or to work. People are glued to the screen. It is crucial to note that we need mobile phones to communicate and I am not telling you that they are vicious or bad. What I’m showing you is your passive dependence on them and further on an app inside it. You can’t be dependent on drinks, smoke or your boyfriend or girlfriend too.


These things can never give us the eternal bliss that we are passively or actively searching for. The reason we have started to feel more incomplete day-by-day is due to us going in the totally opposite direction. We are on the way to completely enslaving ourselves inside a luxurious and aesthetically appealing trap. But in the end it’s a trap!


Please don’t get attached to me or my words, I want to state this as a disclaimer before going ahead. Laughter, love, joy, happiness, peace, each of these emotions are a possibility as long as we keep in mind the freedom and independence these qualities hold in within themselves. Things like music are only an external stimulus and therefore keep us in a stream of the particular emotion it wants to associate us to. The effect it launches on us will last for either till the song finishes or just a few moments after the songs. The addiction or dependence on these states for happiness and peace is highly contagious.


Please, I need to clear the air and tell you that I’m not telling you to believe me for what I say. Try it now. Try playing a song and remaining in that state for a longer time than the song allows you to. You will get that it is totally common sense.


We have become totally second hand and dependent on external things for our happiness. Which means if I send you on an island without your phone, Facebook and precisely everything else you need you will not be able to be happy anymore. Human has become so deluded in its dependence that it has forgotten about the utter freedom, which he was born with as a child. Remember? You were never a slave when you were a child?


All human wants to do now is collect. Be it knowledge from the Holy Scriptures or be it the latest new YouTube videos. Be it money or be it a consumer product. Be it a big house or be it the best Mobile phones.  As I said before , the reason we have started to feel more incomplete day-by-day is due to us going in the totally opposite direction


Why can’t we dance without music? Why can’t we love without reason? Do I have to be someone related to you in order to love you?


The solution:

Our simply freeing ourselves from the slavery and dependence of these people and things will first get us into a state of self-inquiry.


It will create a space in you, which you have never known before. This spaciousness has fountains of Love, joy, happiness, and peace waiting for you to bathe in.


You will learn to love people without selfish needs and more on a selfless level as you are no longer dependent on them for you happiness, but rather abundance of love is flowing out of you. You have gradually become “love”.


I admit that there might be a little difficulty for some moving from that state of dependence to freedom because of habitual tendencies. Here are a few steps to meditation, which you can use to go inward and also stop the continuous chatter and messing up of unnecessary information. The mind can become an attic and we need to use it in our favor. This exercise can help you get the first hand experience of yourself as pure consciousness.



Further Action:

You can just close your eyes now. Sit down. Let’s meditate for a while. This is how you can reach there – Concentrate on your breath or any non-sense syllable in order to get out of your present chatter of thought in order to enter the new state of consciousness. When you’ve concentrated on your breath or the non-sense syllable you chose for minimum of 15 minutes, you can place a wish or an intention in this new energy space and you will have totally new ideas or information according to your intention or wish.


And guess what?


My intention was Love, joy, happiness and peace. What’s yours?


You are Everything

Hey. I am a human being. Remember me?

I came here to talk to you. I’ve tried earlier too but I just kept waiting for your response. It’s been a long while hasn’t it? I wanted to tell you so many things and also hear from you. How have you been? Yes, yes I know, you have been quite busy in your life. The last time I tried talking to you, you told me you would get back to me as soon as possible, but you have so many goals to achieve.

Oh yes, and what immense workload you have. You like to keep yourself busy. I know that. Most importantly, you have a future to build. Wait, you have girls/boys to chase/raise/date? Hey, what about that rocket you were building to the moon? Or the chick you were planning to fuck? Ahhh..I didn’t mean to disturb you. Am I? Am I disturbing you? I am sorry, it’s just that, umm..

I was missing you.

I just wanted to tell you that the first thing I search throughout my empty and meaningless life is happiness. It’s love, not war.

I long for rivers and not shopping malls.

I am at peace while walking amongst the woods, not in the traffic.

I yearn for meaningful conversations,

The ones that pull your soul out and merge it with the other’s soul. If there are souls, that is.

I feel more comfy with frontal squeezy hugs and not side hugs. I.. don’t mean to sound cheesy but

Can I hug you?


Can we share a laugh together instead of a smoke today?

Can we be high on life and not on alcohol?

Can we travel together?

I was wondering if you would like to stare at the stars with me?

Yes, like ogle the stars together.

I once had this dream.

I wanted to travel the world with you ..

We could meet our friends from all over the world.. But.

You created political boundaries.

I had to bury that dream.

No no, I’m not blaming you.

I can never give up on you.

My ideologies, my beliefs, they are not more important than you.

You are everything.

Trust me.

Do you? Do you trust.. Me?



OKAY. I’m trying my hand at something. I wanted to record and write out something really genuine. What’s more special is that I’ve started to record it for you while it happens to help it be more authentic. Now to understand what ‘it’ is you need to follow with me patiently. I’m trying my best to give you something that hasn’t been adulterated by conditioning, or by any kind of thought that distorts reality in anyway. I wanted to tell you that she was wearing pink chappals. Yes pink chappals.

I promised you that I wouldn’t distort reality for you and wouldn’t take you into the dream world where she has mesmerising hair, although she did. I wouldn’t tell you also that  after she slowly came and sat next to me I was a little happy. And I also wouldn’t tell you how good she smelled because that would make this all the more romantic and misguiding. I’m particularly skipping the part where I would tell you that the aura and the essence of her , her presence was sheer beauty. I wouldn’t tell you this because that would just distract you from the whole point of what the point is all about. I also want to add something here, it is so authentic that I’m chatting with her this very moment and writing this. Wait let me show you one of our chats. Before that I just want to remind you of how you can only read this if you are serious enough. Wait , what I mean by this is not the serious that loses the joy while reading it, but the serious that wants to know about what an authentic conversation looks like. The serious that wants to know more about oneself. Not to know in a sense where you add to your list of knowledge or things but to actually know about oneself.


Here is the chat :


Her: What is love according to you?


Me: I think putting love into words would be very tough. If I would even attempt, it would probably end up in disaster.


Her: Don’t play safe. Humans love it when they can define love. You are no saint. What comes to your mind?


Me: I think rather than defining it I would rather try to explain its endlessness. Let’s try and see what love is, right where we are sitting. When we are looking at each other, are we just looking at each other or are there a series of thoughts and judgments going in our heads as we look at each other? When we look at each other for what we are and there is no thought or judgment about each other, no preconceived notion, and we are fully present with undivided attention, we create an environment where love can enter.


Her: (pauses and takes a deep breath) I think I can define love but would prefer not to.


Me: Why?


Her: I think I am no one to define love. I also feel I am no one to talk about it with others and influence anyone in anyway, love is not supposed to be defined by me.

And from whatever little I can talk about it I would say I know Love is not a ‘constant person’ but love in whole is constant, you fall in love with different people in different kind of relationships and it’s not wrong or bad, it’s just love.


Me: So, can a person ever stop falling in love? That’s the question. Is there ever an end? Or ever a halt at some stage where love decides to dwell with the lovers?


Her: That’s the thing. I don’t think I have ever fallen in love. And I don’t think falling in love is supposed to be constant, yet this is what people say. And maybe it’s okay to fall once in a while and get over it, and settle and move whatever, wherever. Maybe love is not supposed to be a big deal or show-off.


Me: But, what if love is actually something very different than people understand it to be? What if when we say “love”, we actually don’t know what we are saying? What if we actually need to become “LOVE” to know what the real and actual meaning of love was about and how it was perverted by selfish, possessive and jealous human thought?


Her: I wonder if we’ll ever know.


Me: I wonder if we should ever know. Love could as well be a mystery that remains. Mystery could be love’s only life force, and that if we suddenly start to see love as a concept or start to think we know love and know all about it or start to allocate it to another human or nonhuman form we destroy and lose the essence of the word.


Her: We should let it be then. Let it be mystery.









Someone that I used to be



The innocent children,
The old lady with no teeth,
The young boy full of hope and dreams

That cute radiant child playing in the courtyard,
Writing stories about aliens,
Sleeping on his mommy’s knee,
All remind me of someone I used to be.

The mind that was always as playful as a puppy,
And had lesser worries to encounter,
When poetry wasn’t so hard to interpret,
And life was easier without regrets

That Kookaburra laughing In the old gum tree,
The Boy running on the beach,
And his mother drinking tea
All remind me of someone I used to be.

When today was more important,
Than tomorrow and yesterday,
When I was more important,
Than the bills they had to pay

I guess I have grown up big,
And That’s how grown ups crib
About the radiant child,
The aliens, the beach and the birds.
All remind me of someone that I used to be.

Have you ever had a crush on a girl who is elder in terms of age?

Guys, have you ever had a crush on a girl who is elder in terms of age? Have any of the girls out there had a relationship with a guy who is way younger to her?

‘Younger’ is a song about a guy who happens to fall in love with a girl older than him. He feels that she ignores him and so he is doubtful if a love story could shape out. It’s an upbeat song showing the desires and commitment of the ‘Younger’ to convince someone more mature to him by his witty, impressive and stylish lyrics.

I wrote the song, composed it, sung it and recorded it in just 3 days time. Finally ‘Younger’ was born!!

The genre being pop with a slight essence of blues, country and folk music, ‘Younger’ is a very unique song and a concept that remains yet untouched.

The song will be out soon and it would be released along with a music video.

Thanks to team ‘Younger’:

Video By-                          ALEXANDRE DE OLIVEIRA

Mixing and mastering–     MANAV DOSHI

Special thanks –               ADITI SHARMA





Poetry: lady oh fat lady!

Lady, oh fat lady! (A chair’s appeal)

Lady oh fat lady!

Please don’t rest on me.

Have some mercy,

I’m just wood, carved from the trees.

Whenever you rest your hips,

and flurry your commendation upon me,

Oh! Sweat from my legs, drips,

And comfortably, you drink tea!

Lady oh fat lady,

Please have mercy upon me.

Spare my legs for one day,

and in your accord, I would always be.

I wish I could gossip

and tell everyone, what you do to me,

but I prefer to stay mute,

and observe you with tranquility.

I don’t have anything to say,

Except, counsel you to lose weight.

Because soon will come the day,

When you won’t have anyone to date!

Lady oh fat lady,

Please have mercy upon me.

Spare my legs for one day,

And in your accord, I would always be.

Your friends find me boring,

yes, I can prove them wrong.

Miss when you work all sweaty and yawning,

I’m the one whom you rest on!

She’s a figure that prefers to sit alone.

Does that mean she would jabber all day on the telephone?

I can show her the path to poise.

Abiding or not, would always be her choice.

For one last time-

Lady oh fat lady,

Please have clemency upon me.

I think Im going to break,

Still, in your accord, I would always be.

Experimental Writing( Free writing):

Beauty was as paradoxical a gift to her, as she was to him.She could’ve fought for him with love, had she known his indefinite soul to the depth of her being. She didn’t. Eventually he decided to let go. But wearing her blanket he couldn’t breathe, and the moment he removed it, she suffocated him. He was too obsessed to let go. It could be love. Well, that was always a speculation for him. When she was wearing clothes it was he, who could see her naked. He could’ve chosen the naked sand over her. Being instinctual or intuitional doesn’t mean being judgmental. Does it? His intuition always told him the truth.This time,the truth was bitter. He wanted to hear just the opposite. He wanted to know for a fact, that she would be with him forever. He was tired. Tired of the countless lonely nights. He wrote poetry for her. A true poet never reveals his true identity, he thought. Very soon everybody from his neighbourhood stopped him from existing. “Being sensitive is made a crime by those, who don’t have the courage to see through selfless eyes,” he introspected. He wanted to be different. The crowd could drag him with them, but he was careful. He knew he would get lost if didn’t be.

Atmosphere is nothing but the mind.He rarely got out of his room nowadays. For some people, enthusiasm lies beneath the broken pieces of yesterday. He was just one of those people. I guess he is blank now. Just blank. Now, being blank doesn’t mean being meditative. Or does it?